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By Valdemir Mota de Menezes, THE SCRIBEThe problem we face is that humanity now has more people than the planet can sustain. You need fast and drastically reduce the human population, because we are creating an ecological imbalance. The output clever to solve the problem of overpopulation of humans is that the world's governments to take a tough stance cotrole of birth.
Intelligent people already balanced and has taken this stance to limit the number of children, so that they have more time to enjoy life, but also is able to better care for a litter of one or two children. But people from less privileged and less educated, who seem to have no planetary responsibility, has no sense of himself and his reality. Can not think the medium and long term. Much less calculate the cost of time, money and dedication that it takes to educate a child.
I see the slums and peripheries of Brazil and the world, those who have fewer resources having children like mice, guinea pigs, rabbits, dogs and pigs. They seem unaware that citizens have never heard of FAMILY PLANNING. That does not seem to know that there are various methods of contraception cheap, simple and easy to adopt in order to counter the overgrowth of humans. I recommend to colleagues seeking the video on Youtube CHAOS - overpopulation, it is very educational and enlightening. This year I showed all my students of eighth and ninth year of elementary school.
The situation is apocalyptic. Only with awareness education will not reverse the astronomical numbers of humans. Now only policies imposed is that the reduction will be possible in humans.
We are living the traffic chaos in food production, housing, the balance of the planetary ecosystem, energy production, water consumption. Formerly disease, hunger and war were the natural role to control the overpopulation of humans without the need for a policy BIRTH CONTROL. But scientific advances in medicine and Agricultural this causing the birth rate is continually higher than mortality.I hope that all people take responsible measures of birth control in their family to at least slow the chaos.

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Este vídeo é um presságio sobre o que aconteceria se a humanidade chegasse repentinamente dos sete bilhões à cifra de quatorze bilhões de habitantes. Eu luto desesperadamente para conscientizar as pessoas a não terem filhos, ou se tiverem não tenha mais do que um ou o máximo dois. Cada ser humano é um predador feroz da natureza e um terrível produtor de poluição. O excesso de indivíduos de nossa espécie esta ameaçando seriamente o equilíbrio ecológico. Em nome do progresso e do crescimento econômico, nenhum governo esta agindo com medidas enérgicas para o controle populacional. Os casos mais graves de proliferação humana são justamente nos países pobres. (Comentário do Valdemir Mota de Menezes, o Escriba)

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